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We are professional claims consultantsWe are professional claims consultants, licensed by the state, who will represent your interests and assist you in preparing, filing and negotiating your insurance claim. We have built our reputation on skillful, knowledgeable and professional assistance to our clients in their time of crisis, with both residential and commercial insurance. As licensed public adjusters, it is our job to relieve you of all aspects of the claims process. We dedicate ourselves to recovering the maximum monetary settlement and expediting the claims process while easing our client’s burden and allowing them to return to their normal daily activities.

After filing your notice of loss for either a residential or commercial property, you will be required to provide your insurance company with considerable documentation to prove and support your claim. Your policy does not guarantee a full return on your loss and, as you can imagine, the task of substantiating and proving your claim can become an overwhelming burden.

Your insurance company will assign you an adjuster. Don’t be fooled! This adjuster is paid by the insurance company to represent their interests – not yours! The insurance carrier is paying this adjuster to formulate an opinion of your loss and they will usually make an offer for settlement based on that opinion. It is not the insurance company adjuster’s responsibility to prove your loss. Your insurance policy clearly states that the burden of proof rests on you.

Quite frankly, you wouldn’t just send your documents to the I.R.S and have them tell you how much you owe; you would, instead, tell them! And, most likely you would retain an advocate to prepare that return. Don’t let the insurance company tell you how much your loss is; retain an advocate to represent you!

As your exclusive representative, we’re here to act as your advocate! Our experienced team of professionals will conduct a comprehensive assessment of every facet of your loss. This includes policy review, building estimates, contents inventories, furniture, fixtures and equipment, and any time element losses (loss of rents, additional living expenses or loss of income). We will determine the best way to prepare and negotiate your claim while complying with all of the terms and conditions of your policy. As your claim progresses, we will present all offers and give you our professional advice but, the final decision on settlement will always be yours.

With our extensive knowledge and understanding of claims adjusting we are able to obtain all of the benefits of your policy, maximize your settlement and expedite the claims process. Our experience and expertise will allow us to negotiate settlements for thousands of dollars more than what you could negotiate for your self in a much shorter time.

Marc Nicolo – Owner and Founder of Allegiance Public Adjusters, Inc.



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